Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction to AZ-303 Azure Architect

    2. Azure Free Account

    3. Setting a Budget

    4. *NEW* Details of the AZ-303 Exam

    1. What's So Great About Cloud Computing?

    2. DEMO: Create a VM in 6 Minutes

    3. Other Cloud Computing Options

    4. DEMO: Create a Container in 4 Minutes

    5. Azure Regions and Geos *UPDATED*

    6. Azure Global Network

    7. Cloud Concepts: Availability and Scaling

    8. Cloud Concepts: Elasticity, Faults, and Recovery

    9. Cloud Concepts: Final Thoughts

    1. Configure diagnostic settings on resources

    2. Create baseline for resources

    3. Create and test alerts

    4. Create and test metrics

    5. Create action groups

    6. Monitor and manage Azure costs

    7. View alerts in Azure Monitor Log Analytics

    1. The Azure Portal

    2. Create an Azure Virtual Machine (VM)

    3. Test the Connection

    4. Adjust Network Security Group Settings

    5. Resize a Virtual Machine

    6. Add a Data Disk

    7. Place a VM in an Availability Set

    8. Place a VM in an Availability Zone

    9. Create Dedicated Hosts

    10. Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS)

    11. VM Encryption

    12. Creating Linux Virtual Machines

    1. Installing/Updating PowerShell Az Module

    2. Logging into Azure with PowerShell

    3. Switching to Another Subscription

    4. Create a VM in PowerShell

    5. Start and Stop a VM in PowerShell

    1. Downloading Our First ARM Template

    2. How to Read an ARM Template

    3. Deploying ARM Templates

    4. View Template Deployment Status

    5. Redeploy an ARM Template

    6. PowerShell for Automation

    7. Azure Automation Account

    8. *NEW* Azure Bicep

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