Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. What This Course Covers and What It Does Not

    1. Introduction to Networking

    2. Virtual Networks and Subnets

    3. What is CIDR Block Notation?

    4. What are Azure Private IP Addresses?

    5. DEMO: Create an Azure Virtual Network

    6. DEMO: Azure Virtual Network Overview

    7. DEMO: Add a VM to an Existing Virtual Network

    8. DEMO: Turn a VM into a Web Server

    9. DEMO: Create a Public IP Address Prefix

    10. DEMO: Create a New Public IP Address

    11. DEMO: Add Additional IP Addresses to a VM

    1. Introduction to Site-to-Site VPNs

    2. Virtual Network Gateway SKUs

    3. Local Network Gateway

    4. Azure Extended Network

    1. Introduction to Point-to-Site VPNs

    2. Tunnels and Authentication Types

    1. Introduction to ExpressRoute

    2. DEMO: Create an ExpressRoute Gateway

    1. Core Networking Overview

    2. Create and Delete Subnets

    3. Add Resource to Subnet

    4. Security for Resources on the Same Subnet

    5. Security for Resources on Different Subnets

    6. Planning Subnets

    7. Azure Service Endpoints

    8. Subnet Delegation

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