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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to AZ-900 for 2022

    2. LIVE DEMO: A quick look into Azure

    3. AZ-900 Exam Requirements

    1. What is Cloud Computing?

    2. Shared Responsibility Model

    3. Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

    4. Cloud Pricing

    5. LIVE DEMO: Pricing Calculator

    1. High Availability Benefit of Cloud Computing

    2. Scalability Benefit of Cloud Computing

    3. Elasticity Benefit of Cloud Computing

    4. Reliability Benefit of Cloud Computing

    5. Predictability Benefit of Cloud Computing

    6. Security Benefit of Cloud Computing

    7. Governance Benefit of Cloud Computing

    8. Managability Benefit of Cloud Computing

    1. Cloud Service Types

    1. Regions, Region Pairs, Sovereign Regions

    2. Availability Zones and Data Centers

    3. Resources and Resource Groups

    4. Subscriptions

    5. Management Groups

    6. DEMO: Introduction to the Azure Portal

    1. Azure Compute services

    2. Azure Networking services

    3. Network Peering

    4. Public and Private Endpoints

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