Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Cloud Computing

    • Introduction

    • What is Cloud Computing, Anyway?

    • How is it Different than Web Hosting?

    • Cloud Jargon Buster: Public, Private, Hybrid

    • Cloud Providers: AWS, Azure, GCP

    • What are Cloud Services?

  • 2

    Features and Benefits

    • Tell Me About Cost Savings

    • Costs: Where Are the Hidden Traps?

    • Tell Me About Time Savings

    • Time: Tips and Tricks for Saving Time

    • Other Benefits Such as Availability and Scaling

  • 3

    Implementing Cloud Computing

    • Designing for The Cloud

    • Cloud Jargon Buster: Cloud-Native Apps

    • Security: Shared Responsibility Model

  • 4

    Conclusion and Wrap Up

    • Thanks for Watching!

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